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"Soft and Safe Dino Baby Teething Toys - Textured Sensory Balls for Teething Babies, Easy to Clean and Food-Grade Silicone Teethers, Suitable for Babies 0-18 Months - Blue"

"Soft and Safe Dino Baby Teething Toys - Textured Sensory Balls for Teething Babies, Easy to Clean and Food-Grade Silicone Teethers, Suitable for Babies 0-18 Months - Blue"

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  • Helps Ease Teething Discomfort - With multiple raised surfaces, Ashtonbee’s baby sensory teething toys provide teething relief for babies. Your little one can chomp and chew on his/her teethers to soothe sore gums and stimulate teeth growth.
  • Promotes Sensory Development - These super soft and flexible dinosaur sensory balls for baby stimulate his/her sense of touch. Available in cute pink, blue, and green pastel colors, our toddler teethers also effectively attract your child’s attention.
  • Specially Made For Little Hands - Exercise your precious one’s grip strength using this silicone ball for baby. With a 4-inch diameter, our infant teething ball is easy to grasp. It won’t break no matter how hard your child squeezes it, too.
  • Gentle For Sensitive Teeth and Gums - Ashtonbee’s sensory toys for babies are made of food-grade silicone with no harmful chemicals. Each chew toy has a nice soft texture, so it won’t irritate your infant’s teeth and gums.
  • Fuss-Free Cleaning and Storage - Aside from being fun and functional, these baby teether toys are easy to maintain. Just wash your child’s teething ball with soapy water or sterilize it in boiling water. You can also load it into your dishwasher

Product Description


It’s understandable that whenever your child is in pain, you are too. Ashtonbee’s baby teether ball helps massage your baby’s gums to ease teething pain and discomfort. The delicate textures and curves also help stimulate teeth growth.

Choose from the 3 colors available - all are attractive to a growing baby. There’s nothing better than getting your baby’s attention right away just by giving them a teething toy. It will surely put a smile on your baby’s face, plus it’s a fun way to stimulate your little one’s sense of touch.

The teether’s silicone material is super soft and flexible so that it won’t hurt your baby’s sensitive teeth and gums. We want your baby’s teething period to be as pain-free as possible. A happy baby equals a happy mommy and daddy!

Our teether toy is designed for optimum comfort and safety. It is just the right size for your baby to grip and hold, and since it’s a one-piece design, it is not a choking hazard.


Spend more time taking care of your baby instead of in the kitchen cleaning the teethers. The solid-piece design of our teether makes it extremely easy to clean and store. You don’t need to remove any parts or put them back together once cleaning is done.


Baby teethers are one of the most wonderful gifts for parents and parents-to-be. It’s because teething will always be part of each parenthood journey. Be part of your loved ones’ journey by gifting them Ashtonbee’s teether ball.

Age Group 3 month + 0-3 years 0-5 years 0-5 years Any Age 0-3 years
Dimension 3 sizes 6.5ft X 6ft 6.5ft X 6ft (Full size) 2.8 X 1.75 inch 22 X 15 inch 6 x 4 inch
Material BPA Free Silicone BPA Free Waterproof Foam BPA Free HDPE BPA Free Premium Grade Plastic Cotton Rope Cotton
Features/Benefits 2-in-1 multipurpose teething toy and a fruit pacifier. Soothes teething discomfort, encourage tooth development, and provide mess-free feeding and teething. Made from silicone and is easy to clean Anti-slip, thick, and soft foam mat provides added protection during playtime. Contains noise and shock-absorbing features. Waterproof and easy to clean. Provides a safe and spacious playing area with adjustable panels. It is designed with rubber feet, safety locks, and non-slip features. Portable and easy to assemble and disassemble. Made from durable materials with a keyless design to keep children from off-limit areas. Quick and hassle-free installation. Multi-purpose use and compatible with a wide range of surfaces. Multifunctional, Large Capacity basket that can be used for convenient laundry, nursery, and organized storage. Handmade from soft, yet durable materials. Lightweight, easy to carry and has built-in handles made perfect for carrying heavy loads. Anti-slip ultra soft cushioning knee pads protects babies from bruises, wounds and scrapes . Made from 100% soft cotton for a comfortable and breathable fit Bends easily and has ribbed cuffs for good flexibility and elasticity
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